Our Sponsors

Bath Minerva Choir very much appreciates the continued support of the Fidelius Group as our principal sponsorship partner. Bath Minerva Choir and Fidelius share many of the same characteristics and values. We are both rooted in the Bath community. We believe in inclusiveness, opportunity and integrity: everyone can play a part and we support each other. But we also believe in endeavour and excellence in performance – we strive to deliver the very highest standards. We know from experience that the sum can achieve more than the parts.

Fidelius wishes to establish supportive relationships with their clients and with local community organisations they help to thrive with their partnership support. Bath Minerva Choir aims to achieve the highest possible artistic standards in musical performance while remaining an inclusive, non-audition choir, working with excellent professional musicians. The choir also works wherever possible with young soloists who are rising stars in their field, to give them valuable early performance experience.

Working together, we aim to give both singers and audiences what we hope is a truly inspiring musical experience. Bath Minerva Choir is very grateful to Fidelius for their support and encouragement in helping us achieve this aim.

Gavin Carr, Conductor of Bath Minerva Choir said “Music can be one of the most enriching of all pursuits. As a choir that welcomes absolutely everyone, without audition, it is part of our function to reach out into the community and bring the gift of music-making to as many as are willing to try it. The purest of my delights as the choir’s conductor is seeing the growth of self- esteem in our members as they constantly surprise themselves with the excellence of their singing.

I believe there is a voice to be heard in everyone, and Bath Minerva Choir is a forum for bringing that voice into focus. The support of Fidelius means so much to us in this context, as it is both a recognition of like-minded intent in serving the community, and a means to allow us to be even more ambitious in our reaching out into the hearts and minds of our audience and our ever- growing community itself.”

Duncan McKillop, Head of Wealth Management at Fidelius said “Our sponsorship of the Bath Minerva Choir echoes our commitment to being an active member of the local arts community. The choir are extremely talented and we, together with our clients, thoroughly enjoy their concerts. We are proud to continue our support and welcome the significant contribution the choir makes to the City of Bath.”

For more information about Fidelius please go to www.fidelius.co.uk