Join The Choir


If you’re interested in joining, please give the Choir Secretary a call on 07533 938 183 or email or write to them. We’re always happy to welcome new members.

Meanwhile here are a few answers to some of the questions you might have.

Can anyone join the choir?
It’s written in our constitution that we are a non-auditioning choir – so there is no audition of any kind for entry. That doesn’t mean we set ourselves low standards as a choir in performance. What we do expect from our members is a commitment to supporting the choir, and to achieving the highest standards we can.

What we suggest to any new member is simply to come along for two or three weeks and see how you enjoy it, and if it feels right for you.

When are rehearsals?
Rehearsals are generally every Saturday morning, from 10.30 to 12.30, in the church hall (downstairs) at the Nexus Methodist Church in Nelson Place East, London Road, Bath [see map]. There are also sectional rehearsals for the different voices – some like to meet regularly for half an hour before the main choir rehearsal. There will be extra rehearsals just before a performance.

As a general rule, we expect members to attend at least 75% of rehearsals for a particular show.

What does it cost?
The current subscription is £150 a year, plus some extra costs for hire (or occasionally the need to buy) music. Reductions are available for students and those on limited income.

How many members are there currently?
About one hundred and forty, though not everyone will sing in every concert.

How is the choir managed?
There is a committee which includes Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Officer, and the Four Voice Representatives. The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting in December and anyone is welcome to stand. Bath Minerva Choir is a Registered Charity (no. 1098142).

Why should I join Bath Minerva Choir when they are so many other local choirs to choose from?
There are lots of good choirs in the Bath area. Each has its own character, its own kind of repertoire and its own conductor. It’s really a case of finding which  is right for you personally, and the kind of music you like to make, and of course which suits the times you’re available for rehearsals.

We are unique in the area as a large scale, non-auditioning choir that aims for the highest standards of performance, and works with professional orchestras and soloists.  It is an ideal choir to join if you are new to choral singing, or if you are returning to it after a gap: but it is also a highly rewarding choir for experienced and confident choral singers. We like to think we’re genuinely a friendly and a welcoming choir, we have fun as well as working hard, and in Gavin Carr we’re lucky to have a really remarkable talent as our conductor.

Why not come along and try us for two or three weeks, and make up your own mind?